Paving the path to a brighter future

May 8, 2016

Education is and always will be very important in building a strong foundation in one’s life.


This is especially true in terms of looking at our future generation. We want our youth to be educated, to be up to date with current issues, and able to provide knowledge to the next generation. Education is a strong building block in building a stronger and healthier community.


This starts by putting an emphasis on the importance of education in our youth today. As a community, it is our obligation to help a child develop their identity and be a contributing factor to society. We must refocus on the idea that a child is the centre of our community.


As a community we must provide protection, security, knowledge, and most importantly good values. If we can help our youth to become positive and engaging members of society, this will only help in developing, not only a stronger and healthier community, but a safer one as well.


When considering the shaping of our future generations, we must look seven generations back and seven generations ahead. It is important to respect our past in terms of how we were raised and how we can develop previous teachings to ensure that our future is growing as well. It is important to stress these values and to create a path for future generations to follow.


A key factor in maintaining these values, again, is education. As a community, we want to see our children grow into strong leaders to develop and nurture our community further. Education and the importance of pursuing post-secondary education are vital to the development of our children and the community. However, there are many barriers that limit access to education such as: the cost to pursue education, awareness of financial resources, literacy for application processes for these resources, lack of trust in the benefits of resources, lack of stability, as well as many others. This is where we, the Cap Mona Angel Fund, come in.


 With a child-centered philosophy, we are developing methods to help residents access resources in order to help them to save for post-secondary education.


By looking at all of the present barriers, The Cap Mona Angel Fund is narrowing the scope on these issues to help facilitate families through these processes. We want to provide solutions for families through existing resources, and creating additional resources to be taken advantage of.


Engaging our children earlier on is the only way to ensure that seven generations from now will continue to florish into a stronger and healthier community.




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